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Creating CRUD service using MyBatis 3 Mapping Framework – Part 1

In first step of our tutorial series, Spring MVC 3 CRUD example with MyBatis 3, we will define a MyBatis service that will help us to perform CRUD operation on database. We have a domain class for User and a …

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Inserting auto generated id using mybatis and return the generated id to java

In our previous tutorial of MyBatis, we see how to configure MyBatis in in your project and insert data to database using Mybatis proxy functionality. You have notice that, in real life projects the value of id columns are generated …

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Configuring MyBatis 3

     MyBatis is a very popular and also most efficient SQL mapping framework. MyBatis is available for both in java as well as .net language. MyBatis is not really an alternative of Hibernate but we can use this framework to …

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