Spring Security Tutorial, Acegi Implementation

Spring Security Tutorial - Acegi Implementation Acegi is the most used web project security tools in respect of Java web development. Acegi is a security framework for authentication, authorization and role based authorization of the users. Spring Security is an implementation of Acegi referral API. Spring Security Framework provides a lot of facilities to take care of the java web enterprise security management. Its really great security framework that work with Spring IoC or DI to inject the dependencies and securing the java web application.

Following are the some of the important facilities that Spring Security Framework provides to itís users:

  • User authentication and authorization.
  • Role based authorization control.
  • Easy to configure with database based authentication and authorization.
  • Encrypted password.
  • Form authentication.
  • File bases user authentication and authorization.
  • and a lot more.

In this tutorial, we will go through some examples with Spring Security implementation to learn how to use Spring Security in security perspective.

Spring Security Fundamentals

In this tutorial session we will learn the fundamentals of Spring Security Acegi Framework.

Spring Security Using Database Tables

We will learn using practical examples to use database tables for user authentication and authorization.

Spring Security for Spring MVC

Lets integrate Spring MVC with Spring Security and do a lot more with MVC.

Advance tutorials for Spring Security

Some extra topics on Spring Security that can be used real life web project for greater user satisfaction.

  • Using Ajax for Spring Security Login with jquery.
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