Spring MVC Tutorial

Spring MVC TutorialSpring Framework is well known for its popular dependency injection facility and aspect oriented programming technique. Spring MVC is part of Spring Framework as a MVC implementation. Spring MVC is very much light weight and flexible web framework that is getting popular in these days.

In this Spring MVC Tutorial we will learn how to setup and do work with Spring MVC when using this innovative MVC framework in real world applications. Spring MVC also facilitates two types of configuration in web project practices :

  • XML based configuration
  • Annotation based configuration

In this tutorial, we will go through each configuration aspects for each topic so that you can use any configuration as your need.

Spring MVC Setup and Basic Topics

In this session of Spring MVC Tutorial, we will go through the setup of Spring MVC in eclipse and do some simple examples.

Spring MVC Handler Mappings

While working with Spring MVC xml configuration, handler mapping classes are used to map requested urls to controllers. Spring MVC jar file provides some build in handlers that can be used to configure the url mappings. We will learn in this session the way to configure these handlers and work with them:

Spring MVC Ajax Tutorial

Ajax is the most attractive feature of Web 2.0 which makes web pages cool and gives desktop application level features in web pages. Spring MVC really accepts this fact and provided a lot of easy to use feature to support Ajax technology. In this session we will see how Spring MVC works with JQuery js library to support Ajax implementation.

Spring MVC Advance Tutorial

We will go through a lot of example with code that will describe you features of Spring MVC and the facilities provide to us.

Theme Resolver in Spring MVC

Spring MVC provides a convenient way to switch between different themes of the web pages in runtime. In this session, we will learn how to implement theme resolver in Spring MVC and change it in runtime.

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