Monthly Archives: November 2011

Core JSTL c:out Example to print value of attribute in any scope

Core JSTL library is used to perform some common tasks that are needed while working with JSP pages. As we know JSP are mainly invented for solving dynamic UI creation with less java code required. Taglibs provides a some convenient …

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Theme Resolver Example in Spring MVC with annotation configuration (Spring 3.x)

Previous tutorial make us understand, the way to implement theme resolver in Spring MVC application with xml configuration. But, what if we do working with annotations? In this tutorial we will learn the implementation of spring theme resolver in annotation …

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Change port number of Tomcat Server

Sometimes, we have to change the port number on which Tomcat is listening for the http request for some reasons. The reasons might be one of the following: The default port number 8080 is busy due to other program is …

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